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Puzzles for the Fun Side of the Brain
We specialize in devious, twisty puzzles that connect to form a bigger mystery.

Do you solve crosswords in pen? Can you solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles with one letter? Are you looking for a puzzling challenge? We've got your puzzle fix here.

P&A Puzzle Magazine is an online bimonthly magazine featuring a suite of interconnected puzzles and difficult standalone puzzles. Puzzle Boat is a large-scale puzzle extravaganza in the style of the MIT Mystery Hunt. Both feature twisty, bendy puzzles that will leave you satisfyingly stumped.

Create an account and sign in on the left. One issue of P&A is available for free. Issues of P&A are $12 ($60 for a 6-issue subscription). Past issues are also available for sale. The next Puzzle Boat is here, and past puzzle boats are here. (Puzzle Boat 8 | Puzzle Boat 7 | Puzzle Boat 6 | Puzzle Boat 5 | Puzzle Boat 4 | Puzzle Boat 3 | Puzzle Boat 2)

The Latest News

May 20, 2023
Issue 100, A Zillion Little Pieces is now available.

April 15, 2023
Puzzle Boat 10 is coming this October! Early Backer Ticks are currently available, and offer a discount on the overall price. (Go there now...)

February 18, 2023
Puzzle Boat 9 in its entirety is currently available! Enjoy! (Go there now...)

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