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Other Puzzles

Last updated March 30, 2016

Puzzle Boat 3 debuted October of 2015.

Puzzle Boat 2 debuted in March of 2014.

P&A Brochure given out at the NPL Convention in 2008. There were three different versions, each with one part of a three-part puzzle.

The following were large- and small-scale events I created before launching P&A Magazine. The Puzzle Boat was held on-line, and consists of 99 puzzles. The others are around 10-12 puzzles each. The Intercoastal Altercations were held on-line; SpaceFight and The Wes Carptener Experience were held in Boston. Ucaganza was a special set of puzzles written for the 40th birthday of Kevin Wald.

MIT Mystery Hunt

As part of the Evil Midnight Bombers What Bomb At Midnight, I wrote puzzles for both the 2009 and 2007 hunts. Below are links to the puzzles I wrote in 2009.

Finally, the following puzzles were early samples puzzles I produced during the first year of the magazine.

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