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For Kevin Wald's 40th birthday party, I put together an Ucaganza...12 puzzles, each of which were inspired by a puzzle Kevin Wald wrote for the MIT Mystery Hunt. This Ucaganza is now available for your solving pleasure. Many thanks to Jenny Gutbezahl for prompting me to write this, Mark Halpin for his fabulous artwork, and both Mark and Trip Payne for their invaluable test-solving efforts. Answers will be available in the near future.

Note: The puzzle Set in Triplicate does require color, and Global Savvy is best done using tracing paper or printing out the three pages for that puzzle on transparency paper. Puzzles will spoil you on specific puzzles Kevin Wald, so you may want to do those first.

All puzzles and introduction

Note 2: the puzzle Global Savvy had its numbers in backwards order...they should have started with 1 and gone counterclockwise. This is corrected in the current version.