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Last updated August 16, 2012.

Who writes the puzzles for this magazine?
That'd be me. My name is Foggy Brume, and I'm a member of the National Puzzlers' League (The NPL is not associated with this magazine at all). Puzzles are tested by Lance Nathan. Joe Cabrera designed the Dr. Stabby logo, although Mike Sylvia deserves credit for suggesting Dr. Stabby be its name.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can e-mail me at editor at

How much is an issue?
Issues 1 through 44 are $4.95 per issue. Issue 45 and on are $6 per issue.

Why a panda?
The P&A in the title is short for Puzzles & Answers...I supply the puzzles, you supply the answers. Since this is a charade for panda, I made the panda the logo for the magazine. (Thanks to Joe Cabrera for the panda logo.)

Do you offer subscriptions?
Yes! $30 for a full year of 6 issues. That's a saving of (carry the 1, take the square root of pi)...some money!

Are there any prizes?
Each magazine will have an ultimate solution. If you're one of the first ten people to e-mail me a correct ultimate solution, I'll list your name in the next issue and on the website.

I'm not fast enough to get into the Top Ten!
For each issue (starting with #33), I will also list any completist, a person or team who completes all of the puzzles for a given issue, and also submits the correct metapuzzle answer.

Will I be able to get answers to the puzzles?
Yes. Answers will be printed in the next issue; they'll also be available as a separate download from the website after the next issue is released.

Are hints available?
Hints are released in three rounds, one per week after the publication date. Once three weeks are up, I will openly hint any puzzle you would like hinted.

Sample puzzles? Cough 'em up.
Check out the P&A Sampler, a special miniature version of the type of puzzle extravaganza I write for P&A Magazine. The puzzlers are slightly easier, but representative of what's inside.

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